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Voice Over Recording

James Routh is a freelance dubbing mixer and sound designer based in the North of England. He offers voice over recording services at a vairety of studios in the North of England and the UK. If you require cost effective voice over recording in Leeds, the North of England, or anywhere in the UK, contact James to discuss you needs.

What is Voice Over Recording?

Just in case you stumbled on this page by accident and don't know what voice over is...

Voice Over is dialogue not spoken on screen. The off camera recordings can be used as narration or for creative effect. The performer may appear elsewhere in the production, or might be a specialist voice over artist. Voice over is also used to give voices to animated characters. In this case, dialogue is recorded before the characters are animated.

Voice Over Artist Database

The Dub has a rapidly growing database of voice over artists ready to be called upon to offer their services.

If you are a voice over artist , please complete our contact form.


Further Information about Voice Over Recording

If you have any questions about Voice Over Recording, contact The Dub on 0779 654 7678 or email

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