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Location ADR Recording

James Routh offers a portable location ADR recording and voiceover recording service to accommodate the audio post production needs of your film, drama or documentary. Sessions are recorded, edited and delivered at your location, removing the need for costly studio hire and minimising artist time away from set.

What is Location ADR Recording?

Just in case you stumbled on this page by accident and don't know what ADR is...

ADR is an abbreviation of automated dialogue replacement and is the process of re-recording the original dialogue after filming in order to obtain a cleaner or more intelligible dialogue track or to alter a performance of an actor. It is also referred to as post-synchronisation or post-sync.

Requirements for Location ADR Recording

Recording is required to take place in a quiet location, such as a hotel room or conference room. We require an area of approximately 6' square, to set up our purpose built portable booth and adr recording equipment.

From your dialogue editor, we simply require a list of timecodes and cues to be recorded and a Quicktime video file with sync sound. This can be supplied on DVD or removable media drive.

Equipment used for Location ADR Recording

Recordings take place on Pro Tools 8 LE, using two quality microphones to match your original recordings as sympathetically as possible. Our purpose built recording booth is designed to minimise external noise.

Delivery of Location ADR Recordings

Delivery is simple. the finished Pro Tools session or OMF is simply loaded back onto your media device or DVD and returned to you along with any notes.

Further Information about Location ADR Recording

If you have any questions about Location ADR Recording, contact The Dub on 0779 654 7678 or email

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